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The Ta'agra Translator uses the same database as our dictionary and so it will always have the most current translations available. Fields will automatically populate from English to Ta'agra or from Ta'agra to English. From English to Ta'agra, the translator will search for both direct word matches and synonym matches to return a translation.

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Important Notes:

  • The translator cannot currently correct for sentence structure changes resulting from Lative Case (to/+ali), Ablative Case (from/+iitay), Future Tense (will/+se), or Negative Verbs (not/+oh). You will need to make these changes manually.
  • The translator cannot account for parts of speech. In English the word "talk" could be a noun (a talk) or it could be a verb (to talk), but the root word "talk" does not change. This is not the case in Ta'agra. If you input the word "talk" into the translator, it will not know if you mean "a talk" (which translates to "purna") or "to talk" (which translates to "pur"). We are working on a better way to do this, but for now you need to take care to double-check your outputs against the dictionary to make sure they are accurate.
  • Words that cannot be translated will be returned in the output text.
  • The system currently outputs only lower case text, regardless of the case of the entry. You will need to manually capitalize output results as desired.
  • The translator detects key presses to populate the fields. If you Right Click + Paste content into the text box, just tap the space bar while in the text field to get the other field to populate. Ctrl + V will be automatically detected.