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Ta'agra Ja'zennji Siir
Analysis N/A
English Jode's Light

Text: Those who revere the light of the Moons! Take heart and hear the words of the lunar clergy. Our research has confirmed the sites of several ruins dating back to the days of the oldest Manes.
- Ja'zennji Siir, or "Jode's Light" in Reaper's March: north of the modern town of S'ren-ja
- Zennrili Keep, near the center of the bend in Topal Bay
- Shaasanath Point, at the mouth of the Xylo River
It is our hope they may once again sing with moonlight. For those with a stout heart and a strong arm, know of these ruin sites and make of them what you can. Perhaps one day the faithful shall shout your name in the halls of the lunar faith! Bright Moons hang above us all!
Given the context, we have interpreted "Zennji" to be Jode, "Siir" to be light, and another similar word in the document, "Zennrili," to be Jone, given the similarity to Zennji.


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Ta'agra Zwinthodurrarr rabi
Analysis yellow-writing-utensil have(1s)
English I have a yellow writing utensil
Ta'agra Ahziss liter ajo'iiliten rabiba
Analysis 1s brother wonderful-girl have(3s)
English My brother has a wonderful girl
Ta'agra Ahziss aaliter vakasash
Analysis 1s sibling wish-to-be
English I wish I was my brother


Ta'agra Krimir, Cyrus
Analysis N/A
English Smile, Cyrus
Ta'agra Etofor wakay jer oku dorr
Analysis Here excuse you(2s) search for
English Here's the excuse you've been looking for
Ta'agra Bali jihatta ra tataami
Analysis You(2p) mercenaries are same
English All you mercenaries are the same
Ta'agra Shijoh
Analysis N/A
English Sit
Ta'agra Renriji in tenurr
Analysis Bandit in night
English Ruffians in the night
Note: The canon word for "in" is "shabar". S'rathra may have just blended languages here.
Ta'agra Hokoh wo Imperialjah
Analysis Heavy with Imperial-coin
English Heavy with Imperial coin
Ta'agra Iko pofamer rotot velk
Analysis After poor-farmer wife owe
English After some poor farmer who owes [the kingdom] his wife
Ta'agra An traajir
Analysis And take
English And he taketh away. [For you].
Ta'agra S'rathra kor ko derodoh Hammerfell
Analysis S'rathra know would return-NEG Hammerfell
English S'rathra knows [you've said] you'd never return to Hammerfell
Ta'agra Bo shay irot
Analysis But seem important
English But this seems important
Ta'agra S'rathra woorika
Analysis S'rathra concern-PAST
English S'rathra was concerned
Ta'agra Mukoh Duadeen
Analysis Worry-NEG Duadeen
English Don't worry about Duadeen
Ta'agra S'rathra eks. S'rathra eks skra'il.
Analysis N/A
English S'rathra fix. S'rathra fix everything.
Ta'agra Roliter dek ka udurr
Analysis Sister disappearance cause shudder
English Your sister's disappearance draws a shudder
Ta'agra Teport teko'i
Analysis Port full
English The port is full [of them]
Ta'agra S'rathra nak avek wara valah khi
Analysis S'rathra name passage price far go
English S'rathra's name goes far towards the price of passage
Ta'agra Sri Duadeen jah
Analysis Keep Duadeen money
English Keep Duadeen's retainer
Ta'agra Epako jah ashrik
Analysis Family coin anyhow
English [It's a] family affair, after all
Ta'agra Pur S'rathra kador aaliter bekoh
Analysis Tell S'rathra why sibling mention-NEG
English Tell S'rathra, why [did you] never mention your sister [before]?
Ta'agra Kaaka darr
Analysis N/A
English What kind?


Ta'agra Gzalzi vaberzarita maaszi
Analysis Absurdity become(3s-PAST) necessity
English Absurdity has become necessity
Ta'agra Q'zi no vano thzina ualizz
Analysis Analysis not yet complete
English When I contradict myself, I am telling the truth
Ta'agra Renrijra Krin
Analysis Bandit+Ra(honorific) grin
English The Mercanry's Grin/The Laugh of the Landless/The Smiling Scum
Ta'agra Thjizzrini
Analysis N/A
English Foolish concepts (Rules)
Ta'agra Vaba Do'Shurh'do
Analysis Is(3s) good+brave
English It is good to be brave
Ta'agra Ri'sallidad
Analysis Ri(honorific)+dead
English Martyrs
Ta'agra Vaba maaszi lhajiito
Analysis Is(3s) necessary escape
English It is necessary to run away
Ta'agra Fusozay var var
Analysis Without-regret/worry life live
English Enjoy life
Ta'agra Fusozay var dar
Analysis Without-regret/worry life steal
English Kill without qualm
Ta'agra Ahzirr durrarriss
Analysis We donate (give charitably)
English We give freely to the people
Ta'agra Ahzirr traajijazeri
Analysis We take(forcefully)
English We justly take by force


Ta'agra Rawlith Khaj
Analysis Raining Sand
English Rain of sand

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Ta'agra Raj pal [tohe'i] da'khe iit.
Note: Modified from "tohei".
Analysis Every day through, water walk
English Every day I walk for water.

Pocket Guide to the Empire, 3rd Edition, Sugar and Blood

Ta'agra Llesw'er
Analysis N/A
English Paradise (Heaven)