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Most verbs in Ta'agra are not conjugated for person or case. However, there are a few irregulars and they are listed here with their conjugations. It is common (but not required) to omit pronouns when using these verbs. The conjugated verb implies the pronoun.

To be (Present) Va To be (Past) Vaber To be (Future) Vase
1s (I am) va 1s (I was) vaber 1s (I will be) vase
1p (We are) vara 1p (We were) vabeka 1p (We will be) varase
2s (You are) vara 2s (You were) vabeka 2s (You will be) varase
2p (Y'all are) vara 2p (Y'all were) vabeka 2p (Y'all will be) varase
3s (He/she/it is) vaba 3s (He/she/it was) vabera 3s (He/she/it will be) vabase
3p (They are) vara 3p (They were) vabeka 3p (They will be) varase
To not be (Present) Na To not be (Past) Naber To not be (Future) Nase
1s (I am not) na 1s (I was not) naber 1s (I will not be) nase
1p (We are not) nara 1p (We were not) nabeka 1p (We will not be) narase
2s (You are not) nara 2s (You were not) nabeka 2s (You will not be) narase
2p (Y'all are not) nara 2p (Y'all were not) nabeka 2p (Y'all will not be) narase
3s (He/she/it is not) naba 3s (He/she/it was not) nabera 3s (He/she/it will not be) nabase
3p (They are not) nara 3p (They were not) nabeka 3p (They will not be) narase
To have (Present) Rabi To have (Past) Raber    
1s (I have) rabi 1s (I had) raber    
1p (We have) raba 1p (We had) rabeka    
2s (You have) raba 2s (You had) rabeka    
2p (Y'all have) raba 2p (Y'all had) rabeka    
3s (He/she/it has) rabiba 3s (He/she/it had) rabera    
3p (They have) raba 3p (They had) rabeka    
To become (Present) Vazeri To become (Past) Vaberzari    
1s (I become) vazeri 1s (I became) vaberzari    
1p (We become) varazeri 1p (We became) vabekazar    
2s (You become) varazeri 2s (You became) vabekazar    
2p (Y'all become) varazeri 2p (Y'all became) vabekazar    
3s (He/she/it becomes) vabazeri 3s (He/she/it became) vaberzarita    
3p (They become) varazeri 3p (They became) vabekazar